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Wednesday, January 5

Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux OS

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Below are some advantages and disadvantages of Linux Operating System

1.Linux is a free open source operating system. So it can be said, there is no license fee for buying or using Linux.

2.Easy to use. In the past, they said that Linux is a difficult operating system,and only devoted to the hackers.
But now, this opinion is wrong. Linux is easy to use and can be said that's almost as easy as using Windows.
linux ubuntu
3.Almost all applications included in Windows, there have been alternative in Linux. We can access the Open Source website as Alternative to obtain useful fairly complete information about alternative of Windows applications on Linux.

4.Security is more superior than Windows. It could be argued that almost all Windows users would ever be exposed to viruses, spyware, trojans, adware, etc. This almost did not happen on Linux. Where Linux since the beginning of a multi-user design,which is when the virus infects a particular user, will be very very very difficult to infect and spread to other users. On Windows, this is not happening. in terms of hardware and data maintenance would be more efficient.

5.Linux is relatively stable. Computers that run on UNIX operating system is known to run stable indefinitely. Linux is a variant of UNIX, also inherits this stability. Rarely encountered the computer suddenly hangs and have to press Ctrl-Alt-Del or Restart to end the incident. it is not surprising that Linux has the large world server market. you can see Here as an example.

6.Linux has a better backward compatibilty. The Obsolescence Hardware (old age) is still very useful and can run well on Linux. You do not need to throw your old computers, it's still can be used for certain purposes by using Linux. You can read This Article.
And also, never seen the newer documents can not be read on the older Linux versions. On Windows, we like are required to follow the hardware development. For example, some time ago, has released Windows 7, Some of the documents created in Windows vista can not be opened in Windows 7, (I hope this weakness will not happen on windows 8 which will be launched in the near future).

1.The Hardware support from certain vendors,are not too good to Linux (pity, is not it?). To find the list of Linux supporter hardware, you can see on and

2.The installation process of the software / application that is not as easy as in Windows. Installing software in Linux will be easier when connected to internet or if you have a CD / DVD repository. If not, then we'll have to download one by one the package is needed along with its dependencies.

3.For the system administrators who are not familiar with Unix-like systems (like Linux),inevitably have to learn more about this. So the requirements to become an administrator is a person who likes to learn new things and continually learning.
Many users who are not familiar with Linux and still 'Windows minded'. This can be overcome with training or education to the users for getting used to Linux.

And the End.
Linux has emerged to be one operating system to be reckoned with. With all its pros and cons, Linux can be an alternative choice for the education of developing countries. About Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux OS, geting point 4.5
by AndiAn Sen
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