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Thursday, September 16

Puisi Singkat Cinta Dalam Bahasa Asing

About Puisi Singkat Cinta Dalam Bahasa Asing from Grafity Collection, know whats the reason people looking for Puisi Singkat Cinta Dalam Bahasa Asing. Rate: 4.5 8:08 AM For: Puisi Singkat Cinta Dalam Bahasa Asing

Loving you is fateful, I'm forever grateful
Wanting to stay eternal, Ever hopeful.

Love is variety,
but the most true is the Love that comes from the Sweethear

He's the one
That holds me close
I'm the one
He loves the most

True love is love that consists of two persons,
and there is no place for a third person

Here is my love, take it. Here is my soul, use it. Here is my heart, don’t break it. Here is my hand, hold it and together we will make it forever.

where ever,
always together,

You are the light in my window
that kisses my eyes
to lift me from my dream

I was awaken by the thoughts of you,
I knelt and prayed to the gentle winds,
to help me whisper how much i love you.

I Can't Go To Sleep
Because I'm Thinking Of U
This Kind Of Love Is New 2 Me
In My Heart I Know It's True

It Hovers Over My Head
Like Rain Clouds In Day
Make My Stomach Full Of Butterflies
I Love You Like The Kids Do Clay

Let This Day Last
It's Special How It Is
Just For Good Cause
Save A Story For Our Kids

Should there be a day to be,
That oh thy heart opens deeper to me,
And makes a world a universe indeed,
That makes a era an eternity

I just cant find the way
To express my love for you
You are just amazing
In everything you do

The time I spend with you
Is the best Ive ever had
And you always know how to help me
When its me who's feeling sad

Everyday you wake me up with a kiss
Love and hugs the day consists
Even when an argument exists
You’ll make it up, you never miss
Dear, life with you is truly a bliss.

By the lake with its warm air
You run your fingers thru’ my hair
Into each other’s eyes we quietly stare
A little kiss follows then and there
Love and tenderness simply flare
So joyful the moments we have to share
Sweethearts we are in this beautiful love affair
No one can dispute we are a most loving pair.

Also Wait For Update of Short Romantic Love Poems ! About Puisi Singkat Cinta Dalam Bahasa Asing, geting point 4.5
by AndiAn Sen
at 8:08 AM

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